DEXIS CariVu™ Caries Detection Device

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What Is DEXIS CariVu?

DEXIS CariVu is an innovative diagnostic tool used in dentistry to detect tooth decay and other dental abnormalities. Unlike traditional dental X-rays that involve exposure to ionizing radiation, DEXIS CariVu offers a noninvasive and radiation-free alternative for detecting cavities and assessing the health of teeth.

How Does CariVu Work?

CariVu is a portable diagnostic device used in dentistry to detect cracks, lesions, and early signs of tooth decay. It operates by emitting safe near-infrared light onto the tooth's surface, which penetrates the enamel and dentin layers.

During examination, the tooth is bathed in this near-infrared light, and the CariVu device captures images of the tooth's internal structure. Healthy tooth enamel appears translucent in these images, allowing the light to pass through relatively unimpeded. However, areas of decay or demineralization appear as dark patches in the images. This occurs because decayed areas are more porous and absorb more light, resulting in reduced translucency.

By analyzing these images, dentists can identify and visualize areas of concern, such as cavities, cracks, or lesions, even in their early stages. This allows for timely intervention and treatment to prevent further progression of dental issues and maintain optimal oral health.

Let Dr. Clothier Take a Look at Those Teeth!

If concerns about radiation exposure from dental X-rays have been holding you back from scheduling a dental exam, worry no more! Our practice offers an advanced diagnostic tool, CariVu, a radiation-free alternative for detecting tooth decay and other dental issues. With CariVu, you can feel confident knowing that your dental health is being assessed with the utmost safety and precision.

To learn more about our CariVu device and how it can help you defeat tooth decay, we encourage you to give us a call at (620) 231-4140. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have and schedule your appointment. Don't let concerns about radiation hold you back from achieving optimal oral health. Contact us today to experience the benefits of CariVu for yourself!

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