Dr. Marvin Clothier, DDS 
611 North Broadway Suite B
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Your Complete Dentist - Even at the hospital

Occasionally, a patient requires dental care but can't tolerate being treated in the office, due to complex medical needs, very young or very advanced age, debilitated condition, or other circumstances. It's very important to us that every patient gets the dental treatment they needs, so we'll go to extra lengths to ensure they do.

According to the American Association of Hospital Dentists, fewer than 1,000 dentists dedicate a portion of their practice to the patients who require special care in a special facility. Dr. Clothier is one of those dentists. He will come to the hospital to provide outpatient dental care with appropriate sedation or general anesthesia. This ensures you get the complete care you need - and that's our committment to complete service.